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"Reputation is built by a thousand individual acts, and lost by merely one. What a company does today can mean as much or more than what it has done on all previous days combined."

Welcome!Welcome to City Auto Body Centers of Spokane, Washington. More than 200,000 people have visited our Web site for valuable information on what do to do if you're involved in an automobile accident. While we hope you may never need this information, it's always in your best interests to be prepared and to know just what your responsibilities are in case of an accident. It's also important to be informed about the facts involving insurance claims and the repair of your vehicle. You'll find updated information, helpful tips, and references throughout our site to help you in this process.



City East Auto Body Center
Servicing Spokane Valley and the Inland Empire


(509) 924-3825
2512 North Woodruff Rd.
(East of Argonne Village)
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