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Continuing Education for Insurance Agents

Continuing Education for Insurance Agents is not just a bureaucratic necessity, but rather is an opportunity to increase one's knowledge to better provide more complete and additional services to one's policy holders. At City Auto Body Centers, we believe that the more knowledge we both are about each other's business (the insurance business and the service provider business) the better able we both are to provide a positive claims experience for policy holders.

City Auto Body Centers was among the first auto body repair facilities to obtain approval from the State of Washington Insurance Commissioner to provide an Auto Body Repair for Insurance Agents course. We typically provide this course twice a year at our City South Facilities. To date, we have had in excess of 400 agents attend these classes.

We have found that it is often difficult for you, the agent, to take five plus hours out of your day to attend a live CE course. In order to expand our curriculum, as it were, and in order to make it easier for you to take the required credit hour courses every biennium, we have partnered with a training firm to provide On-Line CE classes that you can take at your convenience, at your desk, at any time of the day or night and over a period of several days if necessary. At this time, we are proud to offer five courses:

1. Errors & Omissions 2 credit hours
2. Essence of the Personal Umbrella 3 credit hours
3. Fraud in Insurance 3 credit hours
4. Insurance and Financial Planning Concepts 6 credit hours
5. The Mold Claims Dilemma 3 credit hours
6. Concepts and History of Insurance 4 credit hours
7. Diminished Value and Insurance 2 credit hours
8. Financial Planning and Divorce 2 credit hours
9. Finding Opportunities in EPL Insurance 2 credit hours
10. Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts 6 credit hours

These courses are all approved for the State of Washington by the Insurance Commissioner's office.

Upon completion of any of these courses, we will formally notify the Insurance Commissioner's office of your earned credit hours and we will personally deliver your completion certificate to you.

In order to obtain the necessary password and ID name to take a course, please let us know what your requirements are by emailing us at cecourse @ cityautobody.com

Click here for On-Line CE Courses


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