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Links to Other Informative Sites

  • Consumer Reports
    • "Wrecks in Disguise," March 2003
    • "A Guide to Auto Insurance," February 2004
    A couple of interesting articles. Many more on "Consumer Reports website, but requires subscription to access.

  • ican2000.com
    Interesting site with news articles from various sources relating to autobody repair and the insurance industry.

  • Automotive Body Repair News
    Autobody industry trade journal website. Interesting technical articles. We subscribe to their printed journal and read it cover-to-cover every month.

  • NADA.com or Kelley Blue Book
    Both websites will quickly and freely let you price out the value of your vehicle. Good in case you are trying to value a totaled vehicle.

  • Autobody Online
    Good website for information about autobody repair and insurance. Has a good discussion forum for consumers as well as industry people.

  • Insure
    Good all-around informational site. One of the better sites to purchase insurance online if you really want to do that.

  • Insurance
    Another all-around informational site relative to insurance policies and procedures.

  • Claim Coach Inc.
    A consumer oriented site relating to ensuring that your vehicle is properly repaired.

  • Smart Money

  • Home page of Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner


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