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Choosing a Collision Repair Service

RepairWhen evaluating a collision repair facility, make sure they can provide these 10 ESSENTIALS:

  1. The facility should have an excellent reputation. What has your prior experience with the repair facility been? Do you have positive referrals from friends or relatives that have had their vehicles repaired by the facility?

  2. The facility should be well-organized and well run. Ask to walk through the facility. Are the offices, reception area, and customer waiting areas clean and neat? Is the shop area (where actual work will be done on your car) an organized and safe working environment? Take notice of other cars being repaired in the facility--does it look like the workers are paying attention to details by masking off areas and protecting those areas not damaged in the collision? The facility should not pay their technical personel on a commission basis--pay structures should be hourly or salary only. Commission pay rewards speed; it does not reward quality.

  3. Rental or loaner cars should be available so that you have use of a vehicle while yours is being repaired.

  4. The facility should be open on Saturdays and should be available to any requests for off-hour pick up and delivery of your vehicle.

  5. The estimate for repair should be computerized and very detailed providing specifics on every new component needed, the types of repair and/or replacement required, with itemization of all labor and materials. Someone at the repair facility should review every line item of the estimate with you and they should encourage you to ask questions if you don't understand something. Be wary of a repair facility that does not take the time to answer your questions completely.

  6. The repair facility should have digital photography equipment and be able to electronically communicate with insurance companies and adjusters. This speeds up the claim process considerably and provides a complete record for all parties.

  7. All frame, unibody, and alignment equipment should be computerized and you should be provided with an accurate printout of tolerance readings-both before and after repairs.

  8. A heated, downdraft paint booth is absolutely crucial.The paint colors on many vehicles manufactured after 1990 can not be matched to factory color specifications without being cured in a paint booth capable of maintaining a 160-degree cycle for 20-60 minutes.

  9. A reputable collision repair facility includes a written guarantee for all repairs. (Click here to read the City Auto Body Guarantee.)

  10. A reputable collision repair facility makes every effort to accommodate you including complimentary pick up and delivery service for your vehicle.


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