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In order to support our principal business of auto body repair, we maintain a fairly large fleet of loaner/rental cars for use by our retail customers who may be without a vehicle while we are repairing theirs.

We have purchased all of these loaner cars in a damaged condition: we repair them and then utilize them as loaner/rental vehicles. Most of these damaged vehicles have been paid off as a total loss by an insurance company before we buy them.

Most everybody that works with us, including my wife, has been driving these repaired vehicles for years. We maintain these vehicles properly, correct any problems that may occur, use them for loaner vehicles and then sell them. We do turn over the vehicles in our loaner car fleet frequently. We have sold well in excess of 200 of these vehicles over the past few years.

We repair these vehicles to meet the original OEM factory requirements and specifications. We guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our work to meet these requirements. We generally have pictures of these vehicles in their damaged condition so that you can see exactly what was repaired. We can provide you with copies of the parts lists indicating specifically what we have purchased to replace on these vehicles and we can provide you with alignment data sheets and frame/unibody specification data sheets. If the air bags have been deployed, we will always state this fact. We are more than willing to assist you in having a vehicle checked out locally by an independent mechanic, a dealer or for that matter another body shop.

We generally do not provide a specific written warranty, but for 60 days, if something goes wrong that we think we should have known about, we will have it fixed.

All of these vehicles have a state of Washington "Rebuilt", branded title. These titles are transferable without requiring any out of the ordinary inspections in other states. You should be aware that between state registration histories and private firms such as Carfax, that the salvage, or rebuilt, history will generally stay with the vehicle forever, although the 50 individual states all have different titling laws and record keeping requirements.

You should also be aware that frequently banks or other financial institutions are reluctant to lend more than 50% of the retail value of a branded titled vehicle. Insurance companies, as well, can raise questions regarding insuring branded titled vehicles. You should check with your bank and insurance company before committing to buy one of these vehicles.

On the other hand, we generally sell these vehicles for one-half to two-thirds of their normal book value. And, moreover, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. That is why we state that when you have paid for your vehicle and come to pick it up, if you are dissatisfied with it or do not think that you are receiving value for your money, for whatever reason, we will cancel the sale and refund your money, (less the non-refundable $500.00 deposit), with no hard feelings or negative repercussions. We cannot reimburse you for any shipping or transportation costs, however. We do not do financing and we only take certified funds for full payment.

We are in the business of repairing vehicles: we have the personnel, the training, the facilities, the equipment and the experience to repair vehicles to their pre-loss condition as far as function, quality, safety, appearance and overall integrity of the operating systems of the vehicles.

We believe that you will agree that these vehicles represent serious value for the money.

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